2109 - Tai Chi Demo day

The Demo Tai Chi class will be the start to learning the traditional Yang Style Long Form at your own pace. The regular classes include the 128 movement form, philosophy, breathing and meditation, along with push-hands and martial application of the movements. Each student receives individual instruction on movement as well as group instruction on general principles and techniques. All classes will be taught by Sifu Leon Drucker with over 45 years experience practicing Tai Chi.
Program Type Adult - Health & Wellness
Program Subcategory -
Program Code 2109
Online Registration Yes
Enrollment Begin Date 9/16/2020
Enrollment End Date 1/26/2021
Gender Any Gender
Grade Minimium -
Maximum -
Age Minimum 15
Maximum 99
Merrimack Resident
Residency Restriction -None-
Membership Restrictions -
Amount $0.00
Residency Restriction -None-
Membership Restrictions -
Amount $0.00
Tuesday - 02/02/2021
Start Time 5:30 PM
End Time 6:15 PM
Location Function Hall @ Wasserman Park